Season 1: Weight Loss 101

Thanks for your interest in Fat 2 Fit Radio Season 1: Weight Loss 101.

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E-mail and comments are the lifeblood of any podcast, and that’s definitely true for Fat 2 Fit Radio. Many wonderful and thoughtful questions and comments are sent to us each week. Here are some quotes from listener e-mails and comments about Season 1 of Fat 2 Fit Radio:

From Karen First of all, thank you for a great podcast! I am a new listener, but have downloaded all of your shows and have listened to all of them while I work out. Your approach to weight loss is very common sense and I often repeat alot of what I hear you talk about to myself as I deal with my own weight loss journey.

From JC – Just wanted to drop a quick Thank you line to the pair of you. I had been meaning to try and get back into a fitness/diet routine again and i found your podcast extremely helpful . I agree wholeheartedly with the premise and the attitude the pair of you have about the approach to it.

From Jan Just wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying your show. I downloaded all the episodes and have been catching up with all the great information that you provide – I’m going to be really bored once I’m all caught up! So here’s my question for you on popcorn…

From Farah I have just found your podcast on iTunes and i find you guys both earnest and funny. Which is a winning combination for me. I listened to one of your old shows regarding diets and I was wondering how you both felt about…

From Kara – Thanks Russ and Jeff. It has been great listening to you guys, I have all the episodes, and have
even replayed parts for friends.

From Haley – I am a new listener of your podcast, and I love it! I do have a question though. I have been trying to stick to a 1500 to 1800 calorie diet while doing cardio and light weight lifting 5 days a week…

From Mary I just wanted to first say thanks for the great podcast. You guys will be happy to know that you are my very first podcast download that I have ever listened to and I’m hooked. I have also joined I am looking forward to listening to your upcoming shows and continuing on my weight loss journey!

From MCamp – I really look forward to your podcasts – they help to make sense of all the propaganda out there.

Below you’ll find a linked list of the episodes and their titles. Click on the show to be taken to the show notes for that episode and see if the information presented in Season 1: Weight Loss 101 will be of benefit to you.

Fat 2 Fit Show #1 – Introductions

Fat 2 Fit Show #2 – Realistic Expectations

Fat 2 Fit Show #3 – Do Your Genetics Control What You Eat?

Fat 2 Fit Show #4 – Weight Loss Scams or Hard Work?

Fat 2 Fit Show #5 – Susan Powter Made Me Fat

Fat 2 Fit Show #6 – You Are What You Eat

Fat 2 Fit Show #7 – The World is Fat – Really, Really Fat

Fat 2 Fit Show #8 – Don’t be a Skinny Fattie!

Fat 2 Fit Show #9 – Some Weighty Issues

Fat 2 Fit Show #10 – Do All Diet Books Actually Work?

Fat 2 Fit Show #11 – Our Support Community is Now Here

Fat 2 Fit Show #12 – Buy Yourself a Fitness Gift

Fat 2 Fit Show #13 – New Years Resolutions & Goal Setting

Fat 2 Fit Show #14 – Running for Fat Loss

Fat 2 Fit Show #15 – Fast Food and Dieting Detours

Fat 2 Fit Show #16 – Body Image and Self Esteem

Fat 2 Fit Show #17 – Fitness Scams Prey on Desperate Dieters

Fat 2 Fit Show #18 – Weight Loss Pills and Supplements

Fat 2 Fit Show #19 – Emotional Eating

Fat 2 Fit Show #20 – Gastric Bypass Surgery

Fat 2 Fit Show #21 – Dealing with Injuries

Fat 2 Fit Show #22 – Zelma Lost Almost 200 Lbs.

Fat 2 Fit Show #23 – Childhood Obesity

Fat 2 Fit Show #24 – Season 1 Finale

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