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Fat 2 Fit Book CoverFrom the creators of Fat 2 Fit Radio comes the book which places every effective bit of information and advice about weight loss in one place. The Fat 2 Fit program, which was explained in detail over 100 episodes and three years, is now compiled into a single and powerful reference book. For all of our international listeners, this is the weight loss and fitness manual you have been asking for. For everyone else, this will be the last weight loss or fitness book that you will ever need to read. If you want to lose 15 pounds by next week, this is not the book for you. If you want to be strong, lean and healthy for the rest of your life without crazy starvation diet plans and insane workout schedules, this book is for you. If you truly want a better body and never want to go back to the old unhealthy version of yourself, the keys to your success are all here.

Feedback on the book:

From Dave: Russ and Jeff have written the best book on nutrition, exercise and permanent weight loss that I have ever read. This is not a “diet” book, but if you are a regular listener to their podcast like me you know that! This book distills the core information of three years worth of podcasts into 240 well written, well edited pages. I recommend that anyone who is seriously interested in losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle to read Russ and Jeff’s book and take their advice to heart. If you came to this book from the link on the Fat 2 Fit web site you know who Russ and Jeff are. If you are a fan of their podcast you will enjoy reading their book. If you stumbled upon this book and are not familiar with the podcast I recommend that you buy the book and start listening to their show.

From Jon: The no-nonsense, no-hype, science-based weight loss philosophy discussed in this book has had a huge impact on my attitude and motivation (and success) at shedding some excess fat. Fat loss takes patience, which I never fully appreciated until adopting their approach. With the knowledge-based confidence that the approach will work–has to work–it makes me much less impatient…which makes it easier to lose fat the right way and know that I will keep it off. I especially appreciate the insights about how counter-productive under-eating can be. You do need to reduce your calories consumed to lose fat, but if you’re going hungry, you’re doing it wrong.

Their approach really helps you see through the vast amount of noise out there in the weigh-loss world and gives you the confidence to be patient for the long-term payoff of a fit, healthy body. I wish I’d had this book 10 years ago. I would recommend this book to anyone fed up with the trendy, fad diet nonsense that seems to be everywhere you look. This is the real deal. Their podcast is fantastic, too.

As for the book itself, I was happy to find that it was not padded with 150 pages of recipes or photos of exercise demonstrations. It’s very information-dense, but it’s also broken up into very small chapters so you never feel like you’re slogging through pages and pages of the same idea restated from every angle. This book covers a lot of ground, and does it in a very accessible way.

The ideas in this book are not too good to be true, they’re just the truth. Finally. I feel like I’m now fully immunized against whatever the next batch of “weight-loss revelation” or “berry-extract” nonsense that comes out. What a relief!

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