Russ Turley is an engineering designer in Long Beach, CA. He married his high school sweetheart Laurie on Dec. 21, 1996.  He has 4 children, Adam, twins Matthew and Nathan and Andrew. During his previous podcast, The Fat Guy Radio show, he lost 60 lbs. on the way to better health and a better life. However during that year he also regained 40 of those pounds.  He basically started over from scratch, learning the best techniques to lose weight and get in shape. He’ll share what he’s learned with you. You can catch Russ on Twitter posting random things, or check out the projects he’s involved with on his website.

Russ Turley & Family

Jeff Ainslie is a High School Phys. Ed and Computer Teacher in Calgary, Alberta. Jeff graduated with a Bachelor of Education with a major in Phys. Ed. and started off his career as a Phys. Ed. Teacher and Personal Trainer. He has always battled his weight, and when he moved to a regular classroom to teach computer subjects, he started to really lose that battle. In 2005, he decided to finally put everything that he knew about fitness and nutrition to actual use and transformed himself in about 10 months with a tough workout schedule and proper nutrition.   The Radio show has inspired him to move back from the regular classroom and into the Gymnasium again where he feels that he can have a major impact in the health of his students.




Helana Brigman is the creator of the award-winning blog Clearly Delicious, a food writer, photographer, and cook whose work has appeared in Louisiana Cookin’ Magazine, and her column “Fresh Ideas” for Louisiana’s state newspaper, The Advocate.  A doctoral candidate in English, Brigman lives in Baton Rouge, LA, with her dog Cara where she writes, photographs, and eats the best of southern cooking.  Helana’s Fat 2 Fit journey began after a running injury left her couch-bound for several months.  Now lifting heavy weights and returning to her favorite sport (running), she’s looking to keep up with healthy eating and exercise one recipe at a time.

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