Fat 2 Fit #102 – Curing Disease with Weight Loss

Written on August 4, 2010 – 5:05 pm | by Russ Turley

Person pulling belly fatEvery once in a while we get these great emails from listeners. They’re success stories that show what good old exercise and eating healthy and moderately can do. Today’s show is one such show. Listener Jeff wrote a great email that recounted his weight loss journey including the myriad diseases that were cured by losing his extra weight. He didn’t engage in any fringe dieting. He worked out, starting out slowly, and changed what he ate. Guess what? He succeeded! You have to listen to the laundry list of diseases that he had before his transformation.

Also, Matt wrote in about an article that he saw on Yahoo! Shine. It was about something called “obesegens”. These are supposedly chemicals that cause you to get fat. Notice I said “supposedly”. Jeff delved into the topic and article and go the straight scoop on where this term came from and if it’s for real. Show of hands, real or BS?

Experimentation continues this week on the Web Report. Jeff has an article on the rejection of a line of diet drugs by the FDA. Russ has an example of a possible new section in the show, Weight Loss in the Real World. Russ has a couple observations he made during the last couple weeks concerning weight loss and fitness. Tell us what you think of this section!

Links Mentioned in the Show:
Fat 2 Fit: Getting There & Staying There
Ooooh, Obesegens
Qnexa gets denied by the FDA

Recipe of the Week:
Zucchini Hummus

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  2. By Janknitz on Aug 7, 2010 | Reply

    Jeff (the winemaker) is my husband and I am so proud of him! You can tell he feels as great as he feels and he has tons of energy. He’s setting a great example for our kids of how to eat healthy and how important exercise is. His good health is a wonderful gift to our family.

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