Fat 2 Fit #60 – The Glycemic Index of Foods

Written on April 1, 2009 – 6:00 am | by Jeff Ainslie

Glycemic IndexThe term Glycemic Index has been around since 1980. Many diet books have been written since then offering special Glycemic Index Diets. So what is the Glycemic Index, and is it something that the average person should be worried about? We go through the science and list foods that are either high glycemic or low glycemic.

In our email section, Chris left us a message at our support group over at Fat2Fit Support. He wanted to know if you really burn more calories when you workout in the cold. We discovered a shocking answer that we were not suspecting. Science can sometimes be surprising. Our second email came from Brenda and dealt with the struggles that most people go through after Gastric Bypass surgery. We offer some advice about how to get her metabolism fixed. Our last email came from Robyn, who needed some help figuring out just how many calories she should be eating.

In our Web Report section, Jeff found a simple yet very good list of the 9 best foods that you should be eating to be healthy and boost your body’s immunity. Russ found a series of studies that show that being overweight actually affects you mentally. Losing some extra body fat just might make you smarter and improve the speed of your brain.

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Recipe of The Week:
Chicken Kabobs in Saffron Cream

People like to blame their weight or fitness level on things outside of their control, such as unhealthy selections of foods, or they can’t exercise because they have a broken leg. The homework this week is to come up with a list of 5 things that you are in control of, or could be in control of if you really wanted to, that will affect your weight and fitness level. What truly do you have control of in your life? or what should you take control of to help you with your goals?

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  2. By Carissa on Apr 4, 2009 | Reply

    Hey Russ and Jeff,
    I tried to write you, but I’m not sure I did it in the right way…

    Anyway, here’s my question that I’m hoping you’ll clear up on your show or email me about.
    I’m a gal who’s 5′ 11″ and at a healthy weight of 154. I know I’m in the right range, but I have hopes of becoming a catalouge model and this weight, though healthy, it is clearly not acceptable for it. Besides, I feel best when I weigh at least 10 pounds lighter…my question is, to become 135 pounds (which is needful to be a model) how many calories should I eat in a day? How much excersise should I do? I know this is run of the mill, but most people are always emphasizing as long as you’re in your “healthy range” you’re fine…but usually there’s a range of 10-30 pounds where you’re still considered “healthy and slim”…this is not specific and helpful for people like me, who need to be slimmer than that. Can you help me out? Thank you so much!!!

  3. By Carissa on Apr 4, 2009 | Reply

    Oh, and I adore your show!!! 😉

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