Fat 2 Fit Show #51 – The Most Important Show of the Year

Written on December 30, 2008 – 12:08 am | by Jeff Ainslie

Are you making another New Year’s Resolution for 2009?  Could it be you’re resolving to lose weight?  If you’re one of approximately 90% of Americans making some sort of resolution, then you’ve come to the right place.  We called this show The Most Important Show of the Year because making goals and resolutions without the proper information will leave you with forgotten resolutions and growing waistlines.

This is a stripped down show with no Web Report, recipe of the week or homework.  This show just focuses on goal setting.  We discuss how to set achievable goals, how to follow through with techniques that will make those goals realities.

If you’re making a New Years Resolution, be sure to head over to the Fat 2 Fit Support site over at Traineo and let everyone know what it is.  A resolution that no ones knows about, never really happened.

Links Mentioned in the Show:
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  1. 2 Responses to “Fat 2 Fit Show #51 – The Most Important Show of the Year”

  2. By lara boll on Jan 3, 2009 | Reply

    i started listening to your podcast and thought it was good but two thing are bothering me.

    first, the show about celebrities – Kelly Ripa is an anorexic, which is clear from photographs of her, and she has admitted as well, and I think that it’s disturbing that you use her as a role model. I also think you are naive to believe the puiblicity fluff written in US Magazine – most celebrities use drugs, surgery and starve themselves.

    also, you recommend foods such as Subway sandwiches, which are dangerously high in salt – you never mention salt, although many overweight people have high blood pressure and can’t eat these kind of high salt foods.

    I’ve been looking for a thoughtful weight loss pod cast, but was very disappointed.

  3. By Jeff Ainslie on Jan 5, 2009 | Reply

    You must be referring to show #37 where we talked about celebrity magazines and how they usually are full of crap, but sometimes they have some wisdom in them. When we talked about some of the celebrities, we were talking about the workout plans and eating programs that we thought looked fairly good. You could think of our feature section as a story on how they portray celebrity fitness programs – it wasn’t a feature on a specific celebrity.

    We took at face value the eating and training programs that the magazine said that they were doing. If the magazine is portraying people eating several small healthy meals per day and putting in the gym time as how they got healthy, that is a positive thing because that is what we are promoting.

    It sounds like you think that people cannot have the body of a celebrity without drugs, surgery and starving themselves. That is not true. Most people can definitely make huge improvements in their body fat levels and physique and at least live up to their own individual genetic potential. Professional fitness models who have bodies that are generally much better than Hollywood celebrities follow programs that are very similar to the ones portrayed in the magazine. Who cares if it was true or not? People are not going to read that article and then starve themselves etc if that isn’t what the magazine said the celebrities do.

    The bottom line is, this section helped people and it turned a “fluff” piece from a magazine into something good.

    Also, it appears that you did not understand the purpose of the “4 week – fast food recipe section”. In no way do we recommend any fast food items as part of a regular diet. The purpose was to show “better bad choices”. We are not naive to think that none of our listeners will ever have to eat at a fast food restaurant for what-ever reason. If they are unprepared and without a handy healthy meal, we wanted to show some of the options that are out there that are the most healthy choices. We wanted to show selections from major North American fast food chains that will not be too unhealthy.

    I will never tell people to simply never eat at a fast food restaurant, because there are a million reasons why somebody could end up in a situation where they have no other alternative. The bottom line with these fast food recipe suggestions is that it probably helped thousands of our listeners who in the future will choose a subway sandwich over a Chicken McNugget Meal!

    A thoughtful show on weight loss is not all about preaching what a perfect diet and fitness plan is. It is showing and teaching people how to truly change their lifestyles and live with the temptations and realities of our culture for long term success.

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